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I am a Christian non-fiction writer and poet inspired of the Holy Spirit. I began a journey to a more personal relationship with God when I became disabled in 2001 and started a morning journal with Him. When I questioned God about why I was no longer able to work I was told it was "for" Him only. In 2008 in Our journal I prayed for God to "give" me poetry for His honor and glory which was answered immediately the next morning in the exact way I asked. God IS awesome, I was chosen, called by Him, answered His call, and He answered mine. I think oftentimes people make "coming" to God complicated when it can actually be simple. After all, God is ... God, nothing is too hard for and in Him, and He just says, "Come."

Finally Answering The Call Again

This is a ministry of and by the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the holy Trinity. I am only the willing instrument for Him, privileged with the responsibility of bringing His written word to the world. I depend on the Holy Spirit even for the editing of the dictation I receive from Him. John […]