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The message here is foremost that God IS alive, well, and in control of His kingdom. He is more than able, in fact willing to use anyone, anywhere for His purposes in building that kingdom here on earth to bring all His people into His kingdom of heaven. He is always building, and what we perceive as a “tearing down” here on earth is only His sifting of the chaff away from the wheat. And He is asking ALL people to come to Him that none who are lost may perish.

He is also giving all the opportunity to believe in Him. It is a choice since He has given everyone the gift of free will in making their decisions in this earthly form. This gift of free will is most times taken for granted and not used for for the glorification of Him who created us. That in and of itself is the greatest mistake we can make. The chance alone to worship the God who created each of us is priceless, but to honor Him by being His pleasure almost unthinkable.

We were in fact made not only by Him but for His delight and pleasure. The gifts and blessings He bestows on us are not as a bribe to make us love Him, but His free will offering to each one to bring His people to experience His greatness. His omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence are demonstrated to His people in myriad of forms which go largely undetected as we live our lives unconsciously. To become conscious in our lives will give us the opportunity to become aware of just how true this and He is.

We tend to look for giant miracles in our lives to find His presence. The Bible is full of great miracles and many living today have miracles of major importance to them, but our lives are made up of countless small blessings everyday. Did the sun rise up in the east today? God put that in place at the beginning of time. If you are reading this then you have eves to see, are receiving oxygen into your heart and arteries, and have the life you were given at the time of conception in your mother’s womb.

An unthinking man can dismiss these as mere coincidences while a discerning man has to at least consider a “grand scheme of things” and a Creator. I invite you to get more creative than a Big Bang Theory.

It may be stretching it here for me to ask you to believe that you, yes you, were a thought in God’s mind from before the beginning of time, and that He knew all the days of your life from that point forward. God’s omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence pervades eternity. Simply, He IS the Great I AM, and His Great
I AM-ness has and will transcend ALL time. If this seems like a “large” statement now, then you have put the limits of your earthly mind on God, and He will not be contained.

I invite you here to rethink Almighty God, Three In One, and raise Him to the uppermost heights of your finite mind to the Infinite Being He is, and wants to be in your heart, mind, soul, and life! I guarantee that if you even reach for the tip of this challenge, your life will never be the same again!

My prayer is that you “recognize” the infinite Blessings herein and that you will take this journey with me.

About The Message 7/10/15

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